July 18, 2016

Women’s Issues and Self Worth


Women face a specific set of struggles.

Often we:

  • Have anxious or obsessive thoughts about not being good enough
  • Struggle with compulsive behaviors (sex, eating)
  • Try to find value through romantic relationships and then feel dissatisfied
  • Have trouble getting in touch with who we are or what we want
  • Find it hard to inhabit own bodies
  • Are tight or sore but don’t know why
  • Feel overwhelmed by everyone’s demands on us and have difficulty setting boundaries
  • Experience panic attacks
  • Don’t know where to put our energy
  • Struggle with disordered eating and body image


These feelings can get more intense when we’re going through life transitions such as break-ups, death, health issues, and career changes.

I have been there, and I know that joy, acceptance and self compassion are possible. You deserve to love who you are and to be your truest, most vibrant self.


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