July 18, 2016

Creative Counseling for Creative Minds

Mindful Counseling

‘We’re all just walking each other home.’

-Ram Dass

Creative, thoughtful people often experience anxiety and self doubt because we are highly perceptive and we are concerned with how to live our best lives. We may feel alone and stuck in our heads. If we have experienced trauma, we are even more likely to internalize negative stories about ourselves, and women and men experience different cultural narratives about who and how we should be.

You can move beyond those narratives and create one of your own.


If you are,

  • A creative, thoughtful woman with questions about about yourself and your place in the world
  • Feeling torn between your desire to be authentic and a need to ‘make it’
  • Experiencing a lot of anxiety about what you ‘should’ be doing
  • Experiencing disconnection from others
  • Invested in self discovery and knowledge
  • Feeling like you have a lot to express but don’t know how to express it authentically
  • Disliking yourself or your body
  • Feeling sad or depressed

…I get it, and I can help.

In order for unpleasant feelings to move through us, we must feel them and make room for them. However, many of us add to what is already painful by beating ourselves up and feeling guilty for experiencing pain. I can help you work through difficult emotions and build a life that is meaningful, joyful, and connected. Mindful counseling is based on the idea that self compassion is the first step on the path to healing. You aren’t bad for what you’re feeling, and you’re not doing anything wrong. Pain is an opportunity for opening, knowledge and connection.